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Ceramic Tile Design in North Cape May, New Jersey

Based in North Cape May, New Jersey, Rich Williams Ceramic Tile offers ceramic tile design and bathroom design for all your needs. We can help you design a perfect space, from choosing the tile and including designs, borders, and more.

Bathroom Design
Our focus is on kitchen and bathroom design, and we're well known for out bathroom ceramic tile installations. We can install tiles for floors, walls, even shower stalls and tubs. There are many options available to you as far as the tile you choose, including natural stone. Our bathroom design service includes full bathroom remodels. We can cover everything from start to finish include replacing fixtures and plumbing.

Tile itself is an extremely versatile material that can add a great deal of beauty to a bathroom. Because of the nature of tile, you have a variety of different options as opposed to the manufactured plastic surrounds that have become popular recently. Our bathroom design services include all electrical, plumbing, and finish work for a completely new bathroom.

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms:

• Showers Without Steps
• Wider Doors
• Safety Bars
• Shower Chairs
Kitchens are another place where it's popular to use tile. We can tile your backsplash, floors, countertops, walls—pretty much anywhere you want tiled. As a ceramic tile contractor, we've seen a lot of decorative glass tiling and can create decorative edging for your counters and backsplash. While granite countertops are popular, tile is a less expensive alternative that can be just as strong.


Tile is a versatile flooring and counter material. If a single tile breaks, it's a simple matter of removing and replacing it. Properly installed ceramic tiles are a long lasting solution wherever they're installed, providing a natural beauty that you can't get from carpets, wallpapers, and other materials. Grout can be made or bought to match tile, and several different sealants may be used to protect tiles.

We can also level a floor using a technique called a wetbed installation, which would be done before tiles are installed. If your floor is not level, this can be an excellent option for you.

Tile, Ceramic Tile Design in North Cape May, NJ
Kitchens, Ceramic Tile Design in North Cape May, NJ
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